гнотобиология, гнотобиотика

Ecology English-Kazakh dictionary. 2013.

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  • gnotobiology — The study of animals in the absence of contaminating microorganisms; i.e., of “germ free” animals. [G. gnotos, known, + bios, life, + logos, study] * * * gno·to·bi·ol·o·gy .nō tə bī äl ə jē n, pl gies GNOTOBIOTICS * * * gno·to·bi·ol·o·gy… …   Medical dictionary

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  • Стерильные животные —         безмикробные животные, свободны от всех микроорганизмов, включая вирусы, а также от макропаразитов. Попытки выращивания С. ж. были предприняты в конце 19 в. в связи с вопросом общебиологического значения, выдвинутым ещё Л. Пастером,… …   Большая советская энциклопедия

  • germfree life — Introduction       biological condition characterized by the complete absence of living microorganisms. Gnotobiology comprises the study of germfree plants and animals, as well as living things in which specific microorganisms, added by… …   Universalium

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  • gnotobiotics — ˈnōd.ə(ˌ)bī¦äd.iks noun plural but singular in construction Etymology: gnotobiotic (herein) + ics : a biological science concerned with the raising and study of animals under gnotobiotic conditions * * * gnotobiotˈics singular noun The study of… …   Useful english dictionary

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  • gnotobiote — noun see gnotobiotic * * * /noh toh buy oht/, n. a gnotobiotic animal. [ < Gk gnot(ós) known + o + biote, back formation from BIOTIC] * * * gnotobiote / bīˈōt/ noun A gnotobiotic animal • • • Main Entry: ↑gnotobiology …   Useful english dictionary

  • gnotobiotically — adverb see gnotobiotic * * * gnotobiotˈically adverb • • • Main Entry: ↑gnotobiology …   Useful english dictionary

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